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View Poll Results: How Long Have You Been in Business?
Not Open Yet 3 3.90%
1-12 months 9 11.69%
1-2 years 13 16.88%
3-5 years 11 14.29%
6-10 years 16 20.78%
11-15 years 4 5.19%
15+ Years 21 27.27%
Voters: 77. You may not vote on this poll
Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Friday Poll! How Long Have You Been in Business?
Lyss 08:28 AM 03-15-2013
I searched to see if there was a post about this (I'm sure there is) but I couldn't find one.

So how long have you been in business?
Country Kids 08:31 AM 03-15-2013
17 years coming up-

Boy how the childcare industry has changed in that time.
AnneCordelia 08:49 AM 03-15-2013
This is my third year in business.
mom2many 08:57 AM 03-15-2013
Almost 27 years! Boy does time fly...I cannot believe it's been this long! It's so rewarding and I love what I do! I simply cannot imagine my life doing anything else.
crazydaycarelady 08:59 AM 03-15-2013
This is my 22nd year!
Springdaze 09:04 AM 03-15-2013
9 years for me. very hard to believe!
Sunchimes 09:25 AM 03-15-2013
2 years and 2 weeks.
rmc20021 09:27 AM 03-15-2013
This is my second time around...first time I was licensed for 5 years while my youngest two were preschoolers. I went back to daycare when I got custody of my grandkids so I could be available to them when they weren't in the fact I wanted to work for myself.
Orie 09:48 AM 03-15-2013
I have had a home day care 2 different times in my career. I started my first day care 18 years ago when my daughter was a baby. When she went to kindergarten, I took a 6 years off and worked part time in the evenings. This allowed me to still be home with my youngest while he was a preschooler, while also being able to volunteer for things at my older kids schools. I really didn't think I would go back into day care. When the time came that I knew I should really be working full time, days, I decided to give day care a try again.
The first time I did day care, I liked it, but it was hard some days when my own children were younger and needed my attention, and didn't like sharing their mom with others. Now that my children are almost grown, I have to say that I love doing day care again. So nice to still have little ones around during the day, while having time for my teenagers after school. I don't have to worry about my kids being jealous of having to share their Mom.
I have been doing day care for 7 years now on my second time around, with a total of 12 years of having a day care.
williams2008 09:50 AM 03-15-2013
This is my 2nd year!
GoodKarma 10:11 AM 03-15-2013
I started in 1989. That makes me old - ish
daycarediva 10:14 AM 03-15-2013
It will be 8 years for me this summer!
EntropyControlSpecialist 10:17 AM 03-15-2013
1 year for me! I opened last March.
Brooksie 10:23 AM 03-15-2013
I've only been open since Spetember. Kudo's to any one who had been doing it 5+ because Sheeewwweeee this job is demanding!
Texasjeepgirl 11:24 AM 03-15-2013
I opened in August 1992 as a REGISTERED FAMILY HOME.
Switched to LICENSED HOME in 2001.

MotherNature 11:59 AM 03-15-2013
Originally Posted by Brooksie:
I've only been open since Spetember. Kudo's to any one who had been doing it 5+ because Sheeewwweeee this job is demanding!
Yup, me too-September.
LK5kids 12:00 PM 03-15-2013
Second time around for me too. I have been open about four months this time. Last time I was in the business for 10 yrs.
Willow 12:22 PM 03-15-2013
If you count licensed foster care (which is basically 24/7 childcare for children who are wards of the state) it'll be 7 years in April, done licensed FCC now for 4
juliebug 12:45 PM 03-15-2013
4 years as a home daycare but i also was in collage getting my early education degree and work in many centers. in the field for 12 year but my own home daycare 4 years.
snbauser 01:20 PM 03-15-2013
I am in my 11th year.
Evansmom 02:00 PM 03-15-2013
I've been working with kids for 17 years, since my daughter was 2. But this is only my 5th year caring for children in my home. Prior to this I worked in centers, as a nanny and in elementary.
LoraJenkins 07:51 PM 03-15-2013
21 years this and I don't think I could ever do anything else.
Texasjeepgirl 08:14 PM 03-15-2013
Originally Posted by LoraJenkins:
21 years this and I don't think I could ever do anything else.
August will be 21 for me...
and I feel the same way.... I don't know how I could work for someone else.. or do a different job...

Patches 11:55 PM 03-15-2013
Almost 4 whole months
mrsp'slilpeeps 02:05 PM 03-18-2013
8.5 yrs for me. Had to think about it for a second but my daughter is now 11 and she was 2.5 when I started. So ya!!!
Meeko 02:43 PM 03-18-2013
28 and counting!
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