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My4SunshineGirlsNY 12:28 PM 12-29-2013
I hope it is ok to post this, if not PLEASE let me know. I don't normally post things such as this because there is so much spam out nowadays, and if you don't know the person you just don't usually follow the story...but I'm doing this for my 16 year old daughter and for awareness on her rare condition. She was born with a rare facial lymphatic malformation, you can follow the story and read about it on her givefoward page shown in the photo below, I explain her journey in detail. Really looking for more facebook likes on her page as well :-) to help spread her story. You can find her on facebook at Lexi's Miracle. If you can, please like her page :-) and help us share it to help spread her story.

It has been a long road for her, to wrap it up in a nutshell, she was born with this facial malformation which caused her dangerous infections, she has lost 90% of vision in her right eye as it is underdeveloped from her malformation, and she has an underdeveloped cheek bone. All her life the Drs. in our area said it could not be surgically removed. Last June we found a Dr. in NYC who specializes in her rare condition and can remove them. She has had 5 procedures (2 major surgeries) in the past 5 months. We see some amazing progress! The healing looks rough but great things are happening for her. She has several more surgeries to go...all out of network and out of our area. Thank you if you can help spread her facebook page for us. We know GOD is on our side with her journey.

Michael 02:45 PM 12-29-2013
It is ok for you to post this here. Thanks for sharing it. I will read about Lexi and follow your links and her progress.
Michael 03:05 PM 12-29-2013
Very touching. You are a caring family. I donated and also shared your story on our Facebook page.

Here are some more links for our members.
momofboys 06:05 PM 12-29-2013
Tks for sharing! I will like & share your page later tonight when I have a chance to get on FB. Best wishes to you & I am grateful for you that you could find a dr who can help!
My4SunshineGirlsNY 07:32 PM 12-29-2013
GASP, thank you Michael! You have no idea what it means to us! And Lexi! The trips back and forth to NYC are expensive and medical costs add up quickly. It has and will be a long journey, but so amazed at what gift this Dr. has in her condition.

She just recently had a small procedure 5 days before Christmas and suffered complications from it (that is the one in the picture I shared above). She developed a hematoma in her face (from a ruptured vein or from one of her malformation cycts), where blood bled into her facial tissue. She was in so much pain for about a week. This was the day after she developed the hematoma, her skin was so stretched and she was in a lot of pain:

We appriciate all the followers on her page and words of encouragement along her journey. Prayers always help a great deal! Very glad to have you all share her page, thank you!!
Michael 05:08 PM 12-30-2013
I'm glad that you finally found a doctor that understands her condition. She has lived with this her whole life. Lexi is blessed she has a family to support and comfort her through this journey.
Blackcat31 12:30 PM 01-02-2014
My4SunshineGirlsNY, your daughter is not only beautiful but amazing!!!

I applaud her bravery and courage!

I will be sharing her story (and the links) to those I know as well.
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