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Unregistered 07:14 AM 11-13-2019
Hello! I am thinking about starting an in-home preschool program just three days a week. Has anyone done this? Did you have a hard time finding students? What rate did you charge?
Cat Herder 07:39 AM 11-13-2019
Preschool is free in public schools, churches and franchise centers here so it is not a viable option.

The market that is exploding here is adult education hours, 5-10 pm, two to three days per week. Dinner and evening snack provided, preferred.
rosieteddy 09:00 AM 11-13-2019
There was a women in my neighborhood who ran a preschool.She did all 5 days but had 2 groups M,W,AND F.Then Tues,THURS.She had them arrive at 9am with their lunch they stayed until 12:30.She originally advertised in the local fitness club and library.She was full and was able to attend all her own childrens school activities.Worked out well for her.
LittleExplorers 06:42 AM 11-14-2019
In my area, unless you were a licensed teacher, you would have trouble filling up. Even if you are, you might have trouble. People need all day care and our local schools provider before and after care or bussing to daycares. Many parents leave daycares that have state approved curriculum to go to the schools. What's currently available in your area?
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