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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Walgreens And Head Lice
itlw8 05:45 PM 08-29-2012
I saw Walgreens has the ryobi comb it works on batteries and zaps the lice.
they also have a shampoo and leave in spray that is not a chemical that is supposed to prevent lice. good for those kids in the head start program
Kaddidle Care 06:21 PM 08-29-2012
We had a Daycare mom that swears by this stuff:

I'd check the scent first. The child came in smelling very perfumy - it's wasn't a bad smell - sort of like Christmas Cranberry Candles. I think it may have been from this product.

I think I saw it at BedBath&Beyond.. or was it Christmas Tree Shops?
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