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Unregistered 08:55 PM 07-05-2008
Hi, I tried opening a Daycare center in my home but unfortunately my township does not allow it because of zoning issues. I've been in contact with the state and they said that there is no way I can get a license if my township does not allow it. My question you know of any in home childcare centers that are not licensed? Having a daycare in my home would be so great for me, its really a shame it is not allowed in my area because I have a beautiful home, large yard, and excellent school district. If I would go along and open my center, without being licensed, what would happen and would I be able to get children in? I see a lot of ads on various web sites and ads in the paper for childcare available in a home. Most of these ads do not say anything about being licensed, so I'm sure people do watch children or have centers that are not licensed in there home. Any advice/info on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Unregistered 02:49 PM 07-08-2008
I believe there is something called a zoning waiver. Daycare are a much needed service and most cities make exceptions for family daycare. Waht cty/state do you live in?
DinTx 06:45 PM 07-09-2008
You would be putting yourself at certain risk of adverse action by your HPA/local government and the licensing dept. Since you've already made contact, you couldn't plead ignorance of the law.

In regard to home daycare, one must start at the most local level- your homeowner's association, then your city/town, then the state. Doesn't matter what the state thinks if the HOA or city have laws that preclude it or limit your activity. Example: the state may allow you to care for 6 children, but your HOA and/or city may limit that number to 4 or 5, usually due to neighborhood traffic concerns.

If you're serious, draw up a business plan- how many kids you would be licensed to care for, hours of operation, describe how you will ensure that parking won't be an issue for neighbors. Basically show how your business would be an asset to your neighborhood/town and not a detriment. #1 complaint about home based daycare is traffic and parking.
Ask neighbors to sign a petition in support of your venture. Take it to the HOA and plead for a waiver or variance. That's your best hope.
Chavito 09:19 PM 11-01-2008
Before I buy a property what steps I should consider before applying for to open a day care center to provide service for at least 40 kids 6 weeks to 4 years old
Unregistered 08:15 AM 09-17-2009
maybe its that they dont want a "center" in your home as daycare centers are thought of as having large amount of children. Would it work if you are a faimly child care provider?? that is what i am licensed as in my area, you arnt allowed more hten 5 kids other then your own so it would be a smaller group
Unregistered 07:41 AM 05-17-2011
You should call your Department of children . they will guide you. In my area, i am allowed to have 6 children other than my own without having a license. once you have 7 you must get licensed. I agree, when you claim it as a "center" they assume you are having a large amount of children. good luck
Michael 01:59 PM 05-17-2011
For state Daycare/Childcare guidelines and requirements:
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