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newtodaycare22 05:48 PM 05-12-2010
Hi everyone! I start my licensing paperwork next week and I already have my first kid lined up for June 28th My main daycare room is coming together but I'd love to have your input. I will have 3-5 year olds (or potty trained 2s). What toys/supplies do you think are absolutely necessary (either the kids FAVORITES and/or very helpful to you for teaching). This is what I have so far...
-lego table which doubles as a regular table
-building blocks
-train tracks
-playdough and accessories
-magnetic letters and numbers
-dry erase boards
-easel for painting/chalkboard

I'd love to hear other ideas! Thanks!!
AfterSchoolMom 06:14 PM 05-12-2010
I haven't done care for little ones in awhile, but I know that most have a play kitchen with food, dishes, etc. Kids love to play house!
melskids 06:34 PM 05-12-2010
my kids LOVE art supplies, paper crayons markers, stickers, envelopes, bingo daubers, stamp pads, glitter glue, playdough, the big dry erase board, kitchen and dress up, books (lots of books!) the marble run, magnets, magnifying glasses, view masters, potato heads, my little ponies, the train table, cars, trucks, cardboard blocks, unit blocks, tinker toys, lacing cards,the sensory table, a cookie sheet with magnetic letters, puzzles, math manipulatives to count and sort(like those little plastic teddy bears) the dollhouse...geez... i could go on forever.
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