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mrsnj 07:58 PM 02-08-2013
LOOOOONG story short.....I have a dcp who is having family issues with her husband. She just got a restraint and he cannot watch the girls right now. She has to go to an overnight (2 day) training for work out of town. Dad was supposed to watch them and now cant. She has no one else. She just called and asked if I would watch both (7yr and 3yr). The 7 yr old is my daughters friend and has slept here overnight before. The 3yr old hasn't but she is a dc child here (7yr old is before/after). should I charge? This won't be a regular thing. It will be about a 12 hour span. I would have to get the 7yr old up and ready for the bus , pack lunch, etc and the 3yr old stays.

What would you charge????
Michael 10:00 PM 02-08-2013
Here are some threads for overnight care:
Starburst 10:58 PM 02-08-2013
Per day I would probably charge about either 1.5x or 2x your daily rate since it is overnight care. If you think that is too much or not enough (depending on what your daily rate is) you can charge $1-$4 per hour per child (not including SA when they are in school for 7 or 8 hours).
LoraJenkins 06:26 AM 02-09-2013
I do overnight care regularly and charge 1 1/2 times my daytime rate.
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