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Thinking of Moving... 08:05 AM 01-18-2011
I am a long time lurker on this site. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a need for in home care in Las Vegas. We are thinking of moving either there or Mesquite. I tried to google it, but nothing comes up.

Any info on rates etc. would be great.
Crystal 08:14 AM 01-18-2011
I had a family move to vegas a few years ago. They say there is very little in the way of child care, and what is available lacks quality. Grandma had to move out there to take care of the kids.
Thinking of moving.... 09:00 AM 01-18-2011
I guess I really have a two part question....

What would the difference be if I was licensed or not? I swear I have been looking all morning and all that I can find are regulations on being licensed.

The reason I wouldn't want to start off that way is I'm not sure if I would do it for very long and I only want to take 3 kids. But I would want to still operate legally.

Also from what I have read, I would need to go into licencing to apply....and that would be kind of hard from really far away. I guess it can take up to 3 months as well.
MarinaVanessa 09:41 AM 01-18-2011
I was just in Las Vegas over the weekend visiting friends and she told me that that she had a hard time finding a home daycare so they opted to take their son to a center-based daycare but they feel he isn't getting enough quality care. They even tried convincing us to buy out there and move and promised to be my first client lol. So from what I got from them, there is a need.
marniewon 09:52 AM 01-18-2011
It might be that Nevada requires daycares to be licensed. I really don't know the rules there.

You may be able to go to a website and download the application packet and get the ball rolling now. Of course, you will need to know where you will be living for sure before you fill out the paperwork, but once that's figured out, then you can do much of it long distance.
Thinking of moving 10:16 AM 01-18-2011
I did actually find out that I can be unlicensed for up to four kids. They didn't have much other info though.

As for the online line stuff, it specifies that it can not be online.

Child care won't be a new career for me, but it will be different because I am from Canada and the regs are just soooo different. Half the licensing stuff is completely new to me, so I wanted to take it slow kwim?
Michael 03:17 PM 01-18-2011

Can you show me where it reads that no license is required for homes less then 4 children? Here is an application that shows license for, up to seven childred:

Although here is a Clark County site that mentions unlicensed: http://www.childcarereferralassoc.or...unlicensed.htm
ICreativeKids 04:11 AM 08-25-2011
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jenboo 09:16 AM 08-27-2013
Hi!! Im in vegas amd I opening a home daycare. I am opening unlicensed but im in the process of getting licensed. There is definitely a need for quality care! Licensing here sucks. it is confusing and they never really give you any information thats clear. Im in the process and still have no idea what im doing haha. and yes, you can have 4 kids without being licensed. Most stay at home arent licensed.
Scout 12:37 PM 08-27-2013
I know a few years back Vegas had one of the most family friendly ratings in the USA! It was one of the cities that growth of population was really high so, I would think there is always going to be a need. But, I do think they go to school year round which could potentially effect your enrollment. I know people who have moved there and I can tell you they have never looked back!
jenboo 02:07 PM 08-27-2013
Oh and for rates, it varies depending on what side of town you are on... About $25-35 a day is most common. There are the people out there charging like $60 a week but I can't imagine that those kids are getting good care!
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