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tbutler 09:22 AM 02-16-2012
Well, I posted a month ago that we found out we're pregnant with baby#3 that we were told we couldn't have without IVF. For the last 3 weeks, I have been really sick/nauseated, went to the hospital and was diagnosed with Hypermesis and dehydration, and I've lost 11 pounds. Not sure if/when I'll start feeling any better. With my second pregnancy, I didn't feel better until I was around 5 months. Originally, I had planned to close the first week in June, when my daughter goes on Summer break. But with being sick 24/7, I can barely take care of myself and my family let alone the daycare kids. I'm giving a verbal 4 week notice to my parents today that I'll be closing March 16th. I've enjoyed this forum and learned a lot from you guys. Thanks and I'll see you all in 2013 if I decide to re-open when my 2nd child goes to Kindergarten!
Blackcat31 10:04 AM 02-16-2012
Hope all goes well for you! Especially hope you start feeling better soon! Best wishes and good luck in everything you have ahead of you!
cheerfuldom 10:12 AM 02-16-2012
I think you are making the right decision. Nothing is more important than health. I would let the parents know that they can leave sooner if the new daycare wants them to start immediately.
AfterSchoolMom 10:55 AM 02-16-2012
Best of luck to you! I have been exactly where you are, and am just now getting to feel more human again (I'm 11 weeks). When are you due again?

Luckily I just have one infant right now, so it hasn't been too stressful.

Enjoy this time - it sounds like you need the rest. Hope you feel better soon.
emosks 10:59 AM 02-28-2012
Best of luck! I had Hyperemesis 3x for the whole 9 months. I feel your pain!!
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