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care-care 12:47 PM 02-04-2013
I bought a ipad last year 2012 and I think I am putting it in the right spot. I put it under office in mmk and did 5 year straight line and half. Is this correct? It was way over 100.00 so I am assuming this is were it would go. Also I bought a weber grill. were would i place this and what depreciation would i be using?

also does this work in the 50 percent bonus depreciation this year?
camera lense?
weber grill

I am refinishing my table and chairs and purchased paint and stripping supplies sand paper etc. Do this work in time space to write off?
TomCopeland 01:26 PM 02-04-2013
Ipad - If you used it more than 50% for your business in 2012 you can deduct the business portion in 2012 by using the Section 179 rule (Part I of Form 4562) and therefore not have to depreciate it over 5 years.

If you bought the Ipad new and didn't use it more than 50% for your business, you can use the 50% bonus depreciation rule by claiming half of the business portiont on Form 4562, line 14 and depreciating the other half on line 19.

The same answer goes for the camera lense and weber grill.

You can deduct the time-space % of your painting/stripping supplies on Schedule C under Repairs.

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