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WImom 11:44 AM 05-06-2011
If my yard is fenced do I need to have my sandbox covered or will animals still use it as a bathroom? Seeing these posts about sandboxes got me thinking about getting a bigger one made but I wasn't sure how to keep it covered or if I needed to.
SandeeAR 11:53 AM 05-06-2011
A cat can scale ANY fence. Cats LOVE sandboxes.
AmandasFCC 11:58 AM 05-06-2011
In my area we are always required to have a sandbox covered. Cats can still jump a fence to use your sandbox as a litter box
daycare 12:32 PM 05-06-2011
a sandbox is a cats dream..................................cover or they will
morgan24 01:20 PM 05-06-2011
They will still get in and use it. We covered our sandbox with a cover made with a wooden frame and metal screen. My husband made it to fit the sandbox. I just pick it up and set it outside the fence when we are in there and put it one when we leave.
kidkair 01:21 PM 05-06-2011
I have a fenced yard and the only cat that is ever in it is mine. All the neighborhood cats don't like to jump my chain link fence and there is no way for them to get under the gates because the are low to the ground so my cat can't get out. There is also nothing for the cats to climb on either side of the fence. I cover mine more to keep rain and leaves out so the sand stays nice. The sand is still usually quite wet but not soggy and no puddles. Plus if I'm not supervising my cat there is the possibility she'd use it as a cat box. We use a large tarp to cover the sandbox and it works out well. Water pools on the top but if you lift it carefully you can get it to slide off into the grass pretty easily. Or have the kids have some water play first We got some tarp clips to attach it to the sand box after using rocks along the sides for a little bit. Also we clip it to the fence with d-rings when it's open so we don't have to deal with the tarp when it's off.
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