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playdate4 04:25 AM 04-14-2014
so we are getting our swing set thursday mulch friday and we are seriously debating fencing in just the play area to our dogs out and kids in but we already have a fenced in yard would it look weird? we have chain length fence and looking to do play area in pvc fencing
rosieteddy 04:33 AM 04-14-2014
I fenced in a seperate dog area .We can open the first slider and dogs can just get to their yard.It makes potty clean up so much easier.Then I also fenced in childcare yard.I have mulch in there .I also have a swing set not fenced in ,but the older kids can swing while I am in the play yard with the littles. The dogs do get time in the "big"yard" but I can pick up easier after them. I do not think its weird .I did use 3 ft chain link and that matches the big yard.The seperate dog area is 6 ft high chain link.We only have pvc fence at main side from street and gate to come in back.I didnt want people to see children from busy street.
Cat Herder 04:59 AM 04-14-2014
I fenced in a play area inside of my, fenced in, back yard.

It works great!!

The big kids can have relay races while the youngers safely wander, out of reach, without tripping them up. Playground Injuries are a thing of the past.
Heidi 05:20 AM 04-14-2014
I don't have a swing set, and I really don't take school-agers. But, my play yard is just a section of the yard and has wood chips. My dog has another small section. That way, no cleaning dog doodoo out of the play area.

If I had school-agers, I would put a swing set outside of the play area, but in view. Infants, and toddlers don't mix with swings. We are allowed to have the children outside the fenced area with close supervision, So, I could let my preschoolers go swing if I had a swing set.
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