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Unregistered 03:39 PM 08-04-2011
I have a 3 yr old boy who has been in care for 2 years and just started getting really agressive with his sister (1 yr) and now will attempt to kick me or hit me when I remove him from her after he has done something to her. I don't allow violence here so if he trips her, kicks her, pushes her I immediately remove him from the area we are playing and he is expected to either sit on the step or right on the other side of the gate or in the hallway. All these places I can see him so I know these are acceptable for lic. I prefer not to use "time outs" a lot but I don't see another option when someone harms another person in care.

He will not move to these places on his own when I tell him to so I have to actually assist in getting him there. I am pregnant. How do I deal with this safely and teach him that: 1. hitting his sister is not going to work here even if it is accepted at home and 2. he may not EVER be agressive towards me regarless of how upset he is.

Mom says he is very agressive with sister at home and definately did not have ideas/resources of what to do to get him to stop.

Terming is not an option so please don't suggest that as a first resort.
Michael 04:13 PM 08-04-2011
Some of the other members will give you their opinions. Here are a few firum threads that relate to hitting and aggressive behaviour:
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