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mamamanda 06:07 AM 01-08-2018
I have a cat who loves his toy mouse. It is a stuffed mouse that squeaks when you shake it & it looks pretty real, but I honestly forgot about him having it out last night. Dcb 2 was playing with the kitchen toys & dropped something beside the "food truck." When he reached in to grab it he touched the mouse & instantly jerked his hand back. He ran to me distressed, pulled my hsnd, & said, "Get up!" So I followed him over & saw what he was so upset about & started chuckling. I showed him it wasn't real & we talked about its eyes, ears, etc. He laughed at this point & said it was cute, then went back to serious & said, "Don't like it." So we tossed it back in the cats area. I felt bad that it scared him but the look on his face was priceless!
BBDC1 10:54 AM 01-08-2018
OMG - I too have cats and there have been many times that the kiddos freaked out!! I even had one parent pull me aside and ask if I had a mouse problem - she would get me some traps!!! LOL -
DaveA 11:06 AM 01-08-2018

We used to have a mouse finger puppet in the dramatic play area of my classroom at one center. The teacher in the room next to me was scared to death of mice. Our classrooms were separated by a door that was meant to be an exterior door. So it had a predrilled hole where a deadbolt was supposed to go. One of the DCKs would put the puppet staring into her classroom through the hole. She couldn't open the door with it there and would yell for me to move it. She blamed me for it every time.
flying_babyb 06:27 PM 01-08-2018
We had a realistic mouse for awile. Our cook was terrified of mice. Well, we were jerks, plain and simple. we waited till she left and tucked it under the stove. She went for her pan to make waffles screamed and kicked it across the room. She was not amused. Next day it was under the bosses desk! Thing made its rounds around the daycare till someone got annoyed, chopped it head off and left its head in the bossses shoe....
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