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MomBoss 02:31 PM 04-20-2020
Ive been holding an infant spot since December. We agreed the infant can start in May and since According to licensing I couldnt have an infant until may, they just had to pay a one time fee. Well now that this virus thing is happening, the mom can work from home until May 11, for now. Since we didnt have a specific date in May, in my head as long as they start in may, they have the spot. Im not going to hold this spot indefinitely, how would You handle this? Starting June 1st do they need to pay full price every week to keep the spot? Half the rate?
They can still come even if they work from home, Im not closed. How would you explain this?
If they dont want to pay to hold the spot, they cant get their holding fee back since THEY decided not to start. Which was clear in our communication. I hope they understand this still applies.
Cat Herder 02:34 PM 04-20-2020
The slot is yours as of _____. Tuition in full will be due as it is not based on attendance.
rosieteddy 06:43 AM 04-21-2020
I would defiantly give them until June. Why not start on a good note? Every week older the baby is the less work to care for them. Not to mention the other children returning will need to be retrained. Home is not group care ,you may appreciate the break. Good luck.
AmyKidsCo 12:36 PM 04-21-2020
Agreed with both of the above. I'd hold the spot until June, then expect them to pay the full amount to hold it longer if they still want it.
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