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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Good Thing I Haven't Printed Off The Renewed Contracts Yet
SilverSabre25 03:47 PM 11-28-2011
'cause I need to put in some WAY stricter late fees and pick-up time rules.

15 minutes late...and that's a lot considering that dcm gets off at 4:30 works ten minutes--at worst--away. Apparently pick-up is "5-5:30" but it's now 5:45. THey've been getting later and later and LATER ever since her schedule change.

Sternly worded contract, here I come
nannyde 03:51 PM 11-28-2011
I wouldn't allow that. If she is off of work at 4:30 then she needs to be there by 4:45. You can run into issues with having a window of time for them to get things done that net you a late parent. For me, it's best to have their departure time be based on when they are off work plus transport time.
SilverSabre25 03:55 PM 11-28-2011
Yeah I don't know why I allowed it. I knew better even when I was saying yes. My backbone has not *quite* caught up to my brain

I'll be talking to them--but not tonight. I'm too annoyed to do it tonight.

It was fine with me until it crept really close to 5:30. Now it is NOT fine since they are still not here and it's 5:55.
daycare 03:57 PM 11-28-2011
smack them where it hurts.......... WALLET!!!!
SilverSabre25 04:00 PM 11-28-2011
Yeah I will be.

Just got off the phone with DCM. She got caught at work and was just leaving. She has to pick her baby up from the on-site daycare and then she'll be heading here. Don't know where the heck dcd is in all this

Apparently the being caught after a holiday was an unforeseen job hazard...I can understand that given that she just started a new position two weeks ago. BUT...she needs to call me if she's late. She REALLY needs to call me.

How does a policy along the line's of cat's genius "24 hours if you keep them home sick/48 if I send them home sick" exclusion? Say, $1 a minute with a phone call and, oh, I don't know...$5/minute with no call?
daycare 04:20 PM 11-28-2011 that is super steep, but I bet it would work....

I let them slide once in awhile. But I will talk to them about it regardless..
momofboys 07:06 PM 11-28-2011
I'd make sure she knew that you needed to be notified in advance in order to avoid late fees. I would not fail to charge late charges from this point on. She has been warned. Sorry for you - I would be fuming if a parent was that late & took so long to contact me.
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