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dave4him 07:52 PM 11-13-2012
I have four two year old's everyday. One is almost three! So what is the best way to include learning throughout the day at my house?
Angelsj 08:53 PM 11-13-2012
If you sit down to play with something, they will join you.
You can play with magnetic letters/numbers, color blocks, counting bears, whatever.
While you are playing, talk.
Suzy, can I have the blue bear? Oh, that is a red bear, thank you. I am going to make a pile of red bears. Does anyone want to help?

Can someone find me the N? That is a B. That is a C. Oh, there is an N! Can someone give me the O? etc

Read books...lots of them!! Sing songs. Play with something soft, hard, smooth, rough... Count everything!
You don't need a curriculum. You just need to develop an awareness of what they need to learn, and play, play, play.
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