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gfrack 06:18 AM 04-12-2019
Hi, we have a short walk to the play ground with 10 two year olds. Holding on to a rope is difficult because they get all tangled up. Some walk ahead of others, some are slower, etc. Any genius ideas out there to help toddler walk in a group? Thanks!
Ariana 06:25 AM 04-12-2019
If they hold onto a rope do they have little things to go over their wrists? We used to have a rope with hair ties on it that would go around the kids wrists. We would take 16 kids on a City bus to the library and back.
rosieteddy 07:06 AM 04-12-2019
I always had a stroller to anchor off.Otherwise it was like a bunch of puppies tangled up.I never trusted that one wouldn't bolt.My "safety"straps Velcro would go on the wrist .Then the stretchy strap was attatched to the stroller..There was a sticker and the children put their hands on their sticker it gave them balance under 2 yrs were in stroller it was a big day when they turned 2 and got to walk.Iused the big joovy caboose.If I had 2 yrs and up I used the stroller for coats ,water and anything else .It was good to have it for an eemergency ,say someone takes a hard fall or gets sick.I tried with a wagon but it was to low and harder.There was also a system of a vest and long handle I think it was sold with school supplies.Stroller worked for 30 years for me.
Blackcat31 08:06 AM 04-12-2019

Try a Walk-o-dile

It helps keep the kids safely spaced so they can't walk all over each other or wander off

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rosieteddy 02:41 PM 04-12-2019
that's exactly the item I was talking about.I so wanted that ,but the children were different ages in my group. I loved that it had both the safety vest and handles.
Josiegirl 03:26 PM 04-12-2019
The walk-o-dile looks cool; have never seen that before. But why don't they ever have pictures of 6 kids pushing and pulling, tugging and screaming, crying and falling? Or is it only a group I could imagine having.
flying_babyb 03:52 PM 04-14-2019
practice, practice, practice! I took my 5 2 year olds less than 200 ft to our playground, had them walk along the daycare wall. STILL had two try to take off into the busy parking lot. After that, we got a rope, tied on more ropes (With large scrunchies on the end) and slid them up there arms. We then proceded to walk this way up and down the daycare halls everyday at recess time (twice a day, 15 mins) till the kids got the idea. We went outside the next day on our system and they all made it without incident.
gfrack 05:28 PM 04-16-2019
Thanks for the ideas everyone. I like the walk-a doodle thing. Never saw such a thing.

Thanks again
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