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Unregistered 10:34 PM 04-22-2020
I had a family, I'm closed for the time being, where there was blatant favoritism. The unfavored sibling has a poor disputation. Not mean, just sort of aloof and browbeaten. It comes off as antisocial. Funny enough, the favored sibling is mean and obnoxious (I do feel this way, but parents and other children have told me this). Anyway, mom called me about unfavored siblings behavior while they've been at home and asked if this how they are with me. It went into voicemail. I really want to say something. I don't know if I should or how to.
Unregistered 11:21 PM 04-22-2020
I would say they were fine, and maybe the child wants 1:1 attention. They tend to act out when they want to interact.

My 3 year son was beating on his older sister repeatedly today when she was doing her 15 minutes of a math app. He is relentless, despite redirection and calm down time. Why? Because he wanted to play with her. He didnt get he needed to use his words. I offered to play, have him make dinner with me, took him to calm down, etc. He just wanted attention.
Unregistered 08:08 AM 04-23-2020
I would suggest his behaviour is his way of communicating he needs something. Suggest she to a behaviour plan worksheet to get down to the reasoning and meaning behind his behaviour. Understanding why he is behaving the way he is will help in figuring out the how to address it, and what changes need to happen.
Ariana 09:18 AM 04-23-2020
Agree with the above and mention that some kids express needs in different ways. I would do anything and everything to not make this situation worse for this poor kid Breaks my heart thst this kid has to live like this.
flying_babyb 05:00 PM 04-23-2020
SO i knew a family like this when I was a kid. The mom favored her girls (twins 12, baby 2). The youngest was allowed to eat whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. The only boy (9) was treated like crap. The others got new school clothes, he didnt. They got everything, he didnt. The oldest two used to beat on him, tear up his stuff ect. No one bothered to try and help. He ended up in therphy after his 3rd sucidie attempt. The youngest ended up with a leg that didnt grow and was over 100 pounds by 5!! She was taken by the state and given to the father. Shes now married, 2 kids, and skinny!
Being the unfavored child can cause major issues!
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