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Old 01-25-2010, 03:14 PM
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Question Licensed DayCare vs. Private DayCare

Do not let the State scare you with their anger talk. As long as you love the children - spend quality time with them - thats all that matters. What can they throw you in jail for? Oh you make MONEY!!? Seriously that's what this world is boiling down too - who makes the most money..

And reading topics before mine - unlicensed daycare is just as better as a licensed daycare?.. Yes I agree! I watch the news every day & hear licensed daycares having their licensed revoke due to neglecting child(s) - physical abuse and so on. I'll tell you this - back in the 1970's before the law past that anyone oroviding care for more than two families are required to be licensed!. WELL watching the news everyday for number of years, I see more & more children being sexually, physically & emotionally abused in a licensed daycare. So in another words - back in the years before the law past to be licensed, children were better off in a private home daycare.Being a licensed daycare is STRESSFUL because they're so many strict regulations & the more money you make - the more taxes you have to pay back to the government! And with a license certificate - the state can come to your home anytime they want & you are not allow to lock them out or you'll have your license revoked.

Being a license family home provider - you have to run the daycare the way the state wants you too. I'm not talking about spanking a child because that is ABUSE!. I'm talking about semi-structure - close to running a preschool some what.Being licensed with the State - The State OWNS YOUR HOME & has access to your home anytime..So with the State being all over you and owning you - it does make it hard to be licensed & its not fair to the children to fear you,(that your nervous). As a mother myself to four beautiful children - a granddaughter, I do not have a record of being a child abuser. I have a CPR certificate in children and adult. I know how to raise children properly. So many, many family home licensed daycares are opening everyday & alot of those licensed daycares are getting their licensed revoked everyday! Your better off running a private home daycare.

I was licensed once and refuse to renew my licensed because it is stressful working with the State and having my family & friends investigated and pissed off about it.The State for one can tell you who can be at your home & who can't. Even when you do not provide weekend Childcare - the State still tells you who can be at your home and who can't. Seriously I do not want anything to do with child abuser or crimmals but when you have your good friends,(like a few of mine that are LPN's investigated by Childcare), I get disturbing phone calls from my friends,questioning why I had to have them investigated by Childcare? So I told my friends that I'm not getting licensed again after my licensed is due for renewal..What a embarraassment to me and my friends.Having to give the State of childcare my family/friends their social security number/age/birth date/complete home adress & place employment. YES the State does own you/your home and you do not have no privacy.The State is your BOSS & you have no control over them.Talk about invasion of privacy to you and your friends. If you suspect your being investigated because your running a daycare - don't fear because your nothing comparing to those licensed daycares that are being shut down everyday!. My yard is protected with safe equipments & I have been running a private daycare for years. Parents that have their children in my daycare prefer a unlicensed daycare anyways and refuse to talk to the state because they know they're out to look for trouble..I except checks to and have cashed them for years. What the State doesn't find - you'll be alright. Like I said - it's all money talk and bull**** walks.

I mention above - I watch the news everyday,(read the newspaper where the Stare has revoked daycares and were cited into court where the Daycares have got their licensed back).YES the state HAS revoked daycares for wrong reasons and have lost court cases and had to give the daycare providers their licensed back... Believe it or not, they're SO MANY, MANY in home daycares licensed with no High School dIploma.Any High School drop out can get licensed with the State to run a daycare. So again, your better off to be private. Its less headaches to deal with the State owning your home & you. I have had suspious vechiles watching me & cops coming to my house. Without a warrant, the cops have to leave. And being watch, I have just as much rights to have them leave.Its Stalking & against the law!. Without evidence and being a proud parent and a Daycare parent - thats all it matters. Your fine & I'm still running a private daycare in my home,(have been for years) & I love it!!. Children have their freedom, especially during the summer vacation when school is out. But being licensed with the State - children have less freedom and have to have semi school all year around with no break!. Is that fair to the children?...My daycare children can not wait to come to my home & believe it or not, the kids actually kick their parents out. LOL

They are happy- go lucky kids..By the way - think AGAIN if you want to be licensed by the state to become a daycare provider, because Barack Obama is CUTTING ChildCare cost! Putting your child in a licensed DayCare COST ALOT more money & with ChildCare fundings being cutted, childcare providers will still ask parents to pay more out of their pockets to meet their Childcare cost! BUT with private daycare's, it does cost LESS & I go by the parents income. Parents deserve to have spending money to them self. Why in the world do people work? They need money to live and I help them save by deciding to go private. And with the Children in my care, my child care cost went down & parents are very relief and happy that I do not have the State,(boss breathing over my shoulders 24/7). The ChildCare field investigators can & will investigate ChildCare even with no reasons. Investigate to check up on them, even with no complaints. So do you want to still get licensed?

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