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techyrishav 04:47 AM 10-18-2021
Any tips that work?
Michael 12:45 PM 10-18-2021
Here are some threads that have many suggestions depending on the age and situation.

BTW, we've moved the forum to a new software and address here:
techyrishav 09:59 PM 10-18-2021
okay thanks.
gayewef892 12:44 PM 02-01-2022
Here are some tips from parents to help baby sleep. 1. Feed baby during the day, rather than at night. Once a baby is taking breast milk, it can go a long time between feedings. In fact, newborns only need to eat every 3 to 4 hours during the day. At night, it's okay for babies to eat every 2 to 4 hours. 2. Keep your baby in a dark room. Light can stimulate her brain into waking up and crying. 3. Don't overdress your baby. Nothing else will cause a child to wake up and cry with colic pains like being too bundled up. 4. Learn to sleep with a white noise machine, which plays a sound to mask other noises. 5. Give your baby a pacifier. This can calm her down and help her fall asleep. 6. Burp your baby every time she eats. If you donít, she might have reflux or get a tummy ache. 7. Sit with your baby in your lap in her room. Itís okay to rock her to sleep, but you should finish before she falls asleep. 8. Don't let your baby sleep with a bottle or a stuffed animal. Either can be a choking hazard. 9. Put your baby in the crib when she seems tired, even if she isnít crying. 10. Don't give your baby milk, an extra bottle, or a pacifier after 6 p.m.
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