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momofboys 09:58 AM 07-23-2010
I sort of terminated this parent earlier this summer (mom is a teacher). I did say that I may have room if she lets me know in a timely manner for her preschooler. I DID NOT have room nor want to accomodate her school-ager. Anyway, I figured there was no way she would send the kids separate places but here it is 4 weeks after my "termination" & she's calling asking me to watch her preschooler this fall. At least that is what the message says. I have no room for her preschooler as I already filled the spot & can't wait to call her back to tell her so. Is that evil?
JenNJ 10:07 AM 07-23-2010
Not at all! She has time to find somewhere else. Do what you have to do to stay sane!!
MarinaVanessa 08:52 PM 07-25-2010
lol No way, not evil at all. I'm having issues with a DCM that I can't afford to let go right now and as I'm planning on finding a replacement for the income, waiting out the transition period and then even a few extra weeks (maybe even a month) to tell her out of the blue that I "can no longer meet her family's needs" or some other vague lame excuse to terminate her. I may even wait until right before the holidays. I'll give her a 2-week's notice of course but I want to see her scramble. I'm just hoping that she'll give me the opportunity to do it and not give me notice instead lol. Now that's a little evil.
Lucy 10:16 AM 07-28-2010
Not evil at all. I have a 10 yr old girl I watched for the last 2 months of the school year. She wasn't scheduled to come for the summer, and I was so glad. She always had greasy, stringy hair and stained clothes, and it seemed that the under-4 kids just "bugged" her. She was a bookworm and if they interrupted her, she'd just lightly push them away and say "shoo child". Very irritating to me. I feel bad thinking this way about a child, but she was just flat out weird. I'm sorry!!

Anyway, the mom mentioned that she'd call back at the end of summer if she needed her daughter to come here for the school year. You bet .... when she calls, I'm full. Whether I am or not. LOL.
Reply 11:07 AM 07-28-2010
I have one family who yanked their kids last fall to enroll them in a more school type program. As soon as summer started they called for summer care,.. sorry Im full. So she called last week wanting care for this school year,... seems that they were just a number at the big fancy school and they wanted a home environment. well Im full. =-)
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