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Christian Mother 01:55 PM 06-30-2011
I keep getting texts from parents asking what time I laid there child down for nap bc they can't get them to take a nap for them or my little potty trainer keeps asking to go potty but won't and it's driving them nutz bc they have to keep getting up to take them at home...I only laugh and shack my held. Both parents are pregnant and one is just about ready to pop...I can tell she is uncomfortable and in a bad mood at this point. The other is high risk and needs to take it easy but she is go go go all day long. Until she gets home and then she would like to relax... Are they really asking for advise or do they want to punish me for doing such a good job lol!!? (sigh)...
Country Kids 02:08 PM 06-30-2011
Probably truly wanting help because they aren't with their child all day long and do not know their childs schedule. Sad but very true. I would call both of them and explain how you do things while the child is with you. The potty game gets old for even me. I have one that tells me "Potty" 5 min after we have tried and are now outside playing. After a few times of running inside with everyone in tow and the child doesn't go, we don't do that anymore. I only take at scheduled times.

The naptime child is probably just not use to taking a nap at her own house. It would be like when they are new at our homes and not use to nap time. Tell the mom your routine and see if it helps.
Christian Mother 02:21 PM 06-30-2011
I forgot to mention that I have a daily sheet that I make up each day for the parents that gives every detail of there day right down to the times they nap to the times they potty. And, because I am soooo excited of the progress of potty training I let them know at pick up time how well it went. They prob. get sick of me telling them down to every detail. Mom who is helping with training had a miscarriage before this pregnancy. She just started spotting and I know she is worried. I think she is just telling me about how things are going at home but she is expressing that it is diff. for her bc she can't rest. She has to continue getting up to take him. I think it will get less and less bc now that he is telling me that he needs to go... bc before he wasn't,.. he is getting better with accuracy now with him telling me. Might be a little young but he is doing a really good job at it so far. Other mom texted that her son fell a sleep at 1pm in her arms. She was happy it happened that way bc she was about to take him for a car ride. He's not a regular napper here. I have a policy that states that if your child doesn't nap they will need to be picked up at nap time as I don't care for children that don't nap so she has been always been picking him up but this week she brought the pack n play and I didn't have any problems getting him down. He knows are routine but then mom picks him up as everyone is going down. He cried a little when he had to lay down but I told him as soon as he wakes up from nap mom will be there to pick him up and then rubbed his back and then let him cry it out. It took 2 min to sooth him self and then I message mom with a pic text showing her he had fallen asleep bc I didn't think she'd believe me!!
cheerfuldom 02:59 PM 06-30-2011
It could be they want help or it could be that they keep digging and digging hoping that you admit that their child is not doing well there with naps or potty training and that makes them feel better. It means it is just the kid and not something they need to change. When you are having success, they might not believe you or they might feel bad that they can't get that at home.
SandeeAR 04:49 PM 06-30-2011
I think the biggest thing is, we providers STAY on a schedule. We may vary, by 15 min. or so, but not much. We have too, with as many kids as we have.

If parents would just realize how much easier their lives would be and how much happier their kids would be it they would go by the same schedule that the kids are on 5 days a week!
sharlan 05:13 PM 06-30-2011
I am thinking that the parents know that your schedule is working and they want to replicate it as their schedule is not working. I would take it as a compliment.
mac60 04:51 AM 07-01-2011
I would put in place a new rule.....You will no longer receive texts from parents. Phone calls only. It will stop. You can let the answering machine pick up and then you can choose whether or not to reply. My parents don't have my cell phone number, and it is staying that way.
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