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New Members - Welcome to the Forum!>New and Looking to Connect In NorCal
Chris Thompson 10:27 AM 03-27-2013
What a great resource this site is!

I'm a father of a 14-month old and a technology guru looking for ways that I can help day cares.
What better way to contribute to my son's life than to help out those who will be caring for him.

I'd like to connect with day care owners in and around San Francisco who can discuss the day-to-day nature of the business, the obstacles and inconveniences.

Chris Thompson
Michael 02:52 PM 03-27-2013
Welcome to the forum Chris. We just had a couple great threads on programs for daycare.
Chris Thompson 05:28 PM 03-27-2013
Thanks for the warm welcome, Michael. I'm happy to see there are others who have similar goals. I'll read up on the threads you listed and be sure to connect with the posters.

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