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Old 01-09-2011, 11:02 AM
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Default What Do You Do With 1 Year Olds Who Are Misbehaving?

Im wondering what everyone else does when a 1 year old doesnt listen. I do not put kids in timeout on the naughty mat til they are 18 months old yes I know some of you will say thats young but an 18 month old can understand. Well here it goes I have a 13 month old who recently decided he is gonna take a toy from another child because he wants it and if he cant have it he sits real hard on the ground and proceeds to scream and kick his feet I move him away from the other child and tell him no you can not have the toy blank has the toy he or she is playing with it well he just walks right back over and does it again I must do this 20 times a day and its driving me nuts but I know he is to young to sit on the naughty mat but I was thinking about putting him in the playpen for a minute and see if that helps what do you guys think he is also a very smart kid for his age he can say 10 plus words put 2 words together he has been walking since 10 months etc. so I know he knows what no means because he wont do some things he knows he isnt suppose to if Im looking right at him. Same issue with my fireplace the kids are not allowed by my fireplace as they could get hurt they all know this ive had my 2 daycare kids since they where 2 months old the 18 month old never goes near it but everytime I go potty, start lunch, change a diaper, etc he goes over to the fireplace and when he sees me coming he goes the other way I need to put a stop to this asap before he gets hurt.
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Old 01-09-2011, 12:14 PM
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My 14mo would get a "time out" - in the pnp or in a bouncy seat or wherever that he can't touch things when he consistently touches things/misbehaves. First time it happens he gets a "no" and redirect. Second time same thing. 3rd time for same behavior gets a "time out". And I'm using that term loosely, it's only to keep him out of things so I can tend to others and not have to be on him 24/7, and to teach him that "no means no". That goes for the screaming tantrums too. There is NO screaming here, and if you do, you get time out. In fact, screaming gets you put in a pnp in another room with the door closed until you stop screaming. (And I'm not talking about screaming because they are hurt, only when they are screaming because they are mad or for attention).
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1 year old, misbehave

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