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Daycare and Taxes>Vehicle Costs Question
proudarmywifewith4 05:50 AM 02-04-2011

When Turbo Tax asks me for the costs for my vehicle, can I enter costs for OnStar and/or XM Radio? I wasn't sure if those would qualify? Or if there is a % that would be figured out based on miles driven vs business use?

Also, we attend church with a daycare family and often go out to eat with them afterwards. Are either of those qualified mileage expenses?

TomCopeland 06:52 PM 02-04-2011
If you use OnStar for business trips, then enter the expense. Don't enter the XM Radio because that's personal.

Don't count the mileage or meals as a business expense when going out with the daycare parents after church. The primary purpose of the trip was to go to church, so it's not business. The food isn't business unless you specifically discussed business and kept records of this at the time you ate the meals.
proudarmywifewith4 09:49 AM 02-05-2011
Thanks! That's what I figured, but wanted to check
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