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qneville 06:36 PM 09-03-2016
Hello my name is Queenesta.

I am a student attending college studying for my Master's Degree in MBA. I am conducting research for a project in a Marketing class. We were to choose a product or service "ready for market", one that meets and unmet need of the customer as our final research project.

We were to present the product or service in a Marketing Plan. A large part of this project is research, but we are not allowed to conduct face to face interviews. I can however conduct online, chats, social media, etc. is fine, just not face to face.

I chose an on-site daycare center for workers as the service I will offer. I am researching tons of information about on-site center, how to get employers to agree, the cost, overhead, etc. Then I decided, who better to learn from than from experts that are in the field and running their businesses every day.

I stumbled across this website in my research process. I am searching to find out if there is something called a "Special Insurance" for on-site or childcare centers?

If I were an organization and had an existing business with commercial insurance, do I just add to the existing insurance policy to create what I need as coverage, or do I search and find this "Special Insurance" for childcare centers?

I would appreciate any information you can share about your experiences with on-site child care centers, the relationships that develops from employers having onsite, the operation hours of the center, how they charge for fees, what programs do they offered, how does the employee benefits from the onsite and what does the employer get out of it?

Any help that you can give can only add to the research process and hopefully shine some light on the area that I am finding limited resources to pull from. I thank you in advance.

My email address is

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