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pbandjdaycare 11:59 AM 08-03-2008
Does any one use a purchased curriculum program for preschoolers? If so, what do they think of it?
Unregistered 12:03 PM 08-11-2008
In the past I have used a purchased curriculum and it was nice. However, I found that there was so many activities included for each week that I fell behind. The particular curriculum that I used followed the seasons so I felt as though I wanted to stay on schedule. I may decide to do it again some day when I have a smaller group of kids. I hope this helps you.
jack009 09:50 AM 08-20-2008
Teaching your preschooler at home can be accomplished several ways. I see three options: 1) Purchase a program from one of the preschool curriculum providers, 2) Read to your child from great books, and explore the world together paying attention to what interests your child or 3) Design your own curriculum for free using the internet and the library. Any one of the three options should work fine.
daycaremom1998 04:58 PM 09-03-2008
I purchase a preschool program that is especially customised for home daycare providers and it is WONDERFUL! I have used this program for years. It is called "Home Preschool Program" out of California.
NEDaycare 12:26 PM 10-28-2008
I just started including preschool in my daycare due to lack of options in this city for parents. I researched on the internet for things to use, and I settled on the "Letter a Week" curriculum which includes everything for free (lessons, coloring sheets, etc.). If you want to make laminated calendars or things to use in teaching, all you need is clear contact paper from your local hardware store. Dollar stores sell cheap teaching tools, too and I was able to find some prelaminated teaching tools including a map of the United States, a clock board with different times, and some number tables just so the kids can see numbers in sequence hanging on the walls.
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