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MG&Lsmom 10:33 AM 07-15-2011
Things have been so slow lately. I've gotten only 3 calls in 5 months. 2 no-shows for interviews and 1 that I simply could not accommodate. My one dck went from FT to 3 days, to maybe 2hrs a week now since May. DCM is telling me she might just quit her job. I'll have 4 maybe 5 FT openings come the beginning of the year.

I'm thinking about adjusting my program and just taking K-4 kids. The school offers after care for $7/day until 5:30. We have 2 centers that provide before&after care @$100/wk and are open 6-6. I'm thinking offering care for $80 from 6-7:45am and 3-6pm. And then charging a daily rate for professional development and snow days. Vacation weeks, holidays and summer care negotiable but not necessarily offered. One center is our community center and they have vacation programs and camp, so the need may not exist for some parents.

familyschoolcare 11:08 AM 07-15-2011
That is the kind of program I run. I planned my program like this on purpose so my older children would easily fit into the program. I charge a set fee for schools days and a higer fee for non-school days and my contract says.

Mrs. ******* Child care agrees to provide fun and safe care for the following child(ren) ______________________ for the amount of _____________ on full days (summer and School Holidays, including any unscheduled school closure), and the amount of ______________ On School days. As a professional courtesy I do not charge extra for only one or two full days during the school week. (Teacher in service days etc.) This care will take place between the hours of 6:00 am and 6:15 pm Monday –Friday. [closed Monday July 4th Monday September 5th (Labor Day), Friday November 11th (Veteran’s Day), Thursday and Friday November 24th &25th Thanksgiving and Day After), Monday January 16th (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) Monday February 20th (Presidents Day), and Monday May 28th (Memorial Day) ] This care will include a ride to and from _________________school for _________________. Beware that if a child is not well enough to attend school then they are too ill to attend day care.
This is a guaranteed rate, with no credit for absent or sick days/weeks.
Payments are due on Fridays for the following week. I get paid for the above mention days off.
AfterSchoolMom 11:19 AM 07-15-2011
I do exactly the same thing, for exactly the same price. If you can get business that way and don't mind SA's, I recommend it.
MG&Lsmom 11:29 AM 07-15-2011
Originally Posted by AfterSchoolMom:
I do exactly the same thing, for exactly the same price. If you can get business that way and don't mind SA's, I recommend it.
I taught upper elementary so I don't mind the age at all. If my state valued teaching foreign language in K-5 I might never have left unvoluntarily.
SimpleMom 11:41 AM 07-15-2011
I'm thinking about doing this in about 4 or 5 years. Maybe sooner. Do you charge a minimum fee per week? Or is it more just a pay as you go deal? I would want a minimum if I did this. A flat rate if you will. Maybe about $ before and after school would be $65.00 per week. One day off and 4 b4/aft would be $75.00/week. Two days off plus b4/aft would be $85.00 per week, etc. Summers, full weeks off would be $115.00/week.
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