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DaisyMamma 10:47 AM 11-29-2011
I'm no longer going to offer before school care. It's far too stressful, please read and comment:

Dear Parents,
Effective December 26, 2011, Lyme Family Day Care will no longer be offering before school care. Exceptions for before school care will only include school days with 1 or 2 hour delays, as long as drop off is not before 8am. Full day care is still available on non-school days, also starting at 8am.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Thank you for your understanding.


I was going to put a reason in there, but it sounded like I was making excuses or felt the need to defend my decision, which I thought made me sound weak or something..... what do you guys think?
wdmmom 11:03 AM 11-29-2011
Sounds good to me.
kendallina 11:09 AM 11-29-2011
Sounds good to me, too. No need for a reason.
Pammie 11:26 AM 11-29-2011
Sounds great as is:-)
I wouldn't include an explanation
familyschoolcare 03:57 PM 11-29-2011
I too would not enclude a reason that would only give some parents something to argue with.
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