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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Enrollment Fees for SA?
legomom922 07:19 AM 09-14-2010
I have now put in place a enrollment fee for standard care, but was wondering if you also have a enrollment fee for b4 and after school kids too? My enrollment fee for standard care is $50, but that seems too much for SA's, so I was thinking like maybe $15 or 25? That would go towards things like pencils, paper, for homework, & toys for these older kids. What do you think?
legomom922 11:30 AM 09-14-2010
Come on you guys, LOL!
ConcernedMotherof2 12:20 PM 09-14-2010
$15-$25 sounds fair Speaking as the mother of two SA kids. It always seemed a bit much to pay a $50 registration fee.
juliebug 12:21 PM 09-14-2010
sounds fair to me.
AmandasFCC 12:49 PM 09-14-2010
My enrollment fee (DEPOSIT) is 2 weeks fees so I think that's more than fair lol.
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