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sharlan 12:43 PM 10-29-2013
Does anyone else have the ad for it at the top of their page?

My downstairs bathroom ALWAYS smells of male urine. My niece frequently scrubs it and complains about the boys and dh missing the toilet.

I hunted around for it, which was hard because it is from their "professional line". In other words, you can't buy it at the local store. I finally found a janitorial supply place that would order it for me after they told me that they'd never heard of it.

I can't wait to get it and try it out.
sharlan 01:06 PM 10-29-2013
Does anyone use a urine remover in their centers?
Cradle2crayons 04:31 PM 10-29-2013
Odoban. I. Use. It. For. EVERYTHING. Lol
JoseyJo 06:37 PM 10-29-2013
I use odoban too- but I rarely have a problem w/ urine smell since we replaced the tile w/ linoleum and siliconed around the base of the toilet.

We clean the bathroom top to bottom nightly and I also clean it at nap so that may help too
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