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Kelnika 10:55 AM 05-03-2016
I rent a house where they will let me run an in home child care. I'd love to do it, but I find myself hesitant as my yard space is VERY limited. All of it is on the outside edge of the house as I live on a corner lot. The yard extends approximately 10-15 feet from the house, ends in a sidewalk with a boulevard. I'm worried about the kids going beyond the sidewalk when I don't notice as most of the kids I'll service will probably be between the ages of 1 and 5.
I cannot afford to fence the yard, unless it's a cheaper fencing that I can use. I do not want to put it up and take it down constantly as I don't see myself having time for that.
We do have a park nearby, three blocks, but the city filled the playground with sand...
Thank you for your thoughts and input!
JackandJill 11:02 AM 05-03-2016
Depending on your state regulations, and what your land lord says, some fencing is inexpensive. I have a post and rail fence, and my licenser just made me add chicken wire to the bottom half to keep kids from sneaking underneath it. I was worried I would have to replace with picket fence or stockade or something, which was out of my budget, but she found an easy solution for me.

Give your office a call and see what the requirements are and then go from there. Good luck!
daycarediva 11:05 AM 05-03-2016
I just fenced in a 60x40ft area with 4ft wooden picket fencing for $400.

A chain link would have been half that.

Worth the liability and to have a designated place to play.
Unregistered 11:25 AM 05-03-2016
Before you fence be sure to check license requirements if you plan to be licensed. There may be a minimum space requirement.
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