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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Question...Underlined Words/Ads On Here?
SilverSabre25 02:09 PM 08-08-2013
I kow someone asked this awhile back and Michael helped the person figure out the cause.

All of a sudden some setting my browser seems to have gotten changed because there are these underlined "key words" all over this site and in posts and stuff that pop ads up in a little box if you hover over them. I know it's just me. I just want to know how to make it go away again...
MyAngels 02:17 PM 08-08-2013
It's some kind of toolbar or adware type of thing that's gotten installed I think. When I had it I went to control panel and looked for recently installed things and found it that way. It snuck in with a coupon printer for me.
MNMommy2 03:22 PM 08-08-2013
Yep, that happened to me! I had my friend come and get rid of it and virus that was found on my computer. If you go to Yahoo do you get weird ads? That is how I knew something was up.

I found if I go to my add-ons and check which ones are enabled, there is one called IB Updater. I disabled that (it popped up again after he cleaned my computer) and they all went away...
SilverSabre25 04:08 PM 08-08-2013
Thank you! I think that fixed it. Stupid internet :P
Lucy 10:12 PM 08-08-2013
Glad you got it fixed. I was the one who asked the question awhile back, and got the answers to fix it. Here's the thread if anyone is curious: answer in post #7
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