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mrbrandonterry 07:53 PM 02-02-2018
My name is Brandon and I am from West Virginia.

I am opening up a Home Daycare Facility as soon as I get licensed. I am in the beginning stages of getting licensed now so hopefully not too long but it is a complex process with several inspections (fire, regulatory, health department and pest management.) Seems like a lot of work for my 12 child cap but it will be worth it in the end.

I have 10 years of childcare experience and my business partner (my mother) has well over 30 years. We both love working with children and it has been a family field. My grandmother also owned a daycare before passing as well as my aunt.
Michael 02:38 PM 02-03-2018
Welcome to the forum!
craftymissbeth 05:37 PM 02-03-2018
TooManyKitties 07:59 PM 02-03-2018
Welcome Brandon! Best wishes opening your daycare.
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