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Unregistered 06:43 PM 10-08-2019
Our new wac's went into effect in August. I just got back into the daycare game last month and while I read all the new wac's (longest. document. EVER.) A couple of weeks ago, I cant retain all the changes. I cant just reread this document. However, I have to take into account anything that will require extra cost when I create my 2020 budget for my center.

Anyone on WA know of new expenses or possibly less expenses based off the new wac's? There isn't any type of "cheat sheet" out there with just changes and the licencor wont help. If anyone can help, feel free to also throw in suggestions on limiting spending for the change that will cost or save us money.. Example:

I'm aware of teeth brushing as a new requirement and we received a donation for our initial round of brushes, which isn't one way we are limiting spending.

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