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Mom_of_two 01:02 PM 09-26-2011
My DCB, one, fell into the entertainment center today. Whacked his head just right. We are not upstairs much except for meals and snacks, I was in the kitchen and boom in two seconds. Blood and open wound, his dad came and got him and they glued it, will get stitches if that doesn't work. Parents are wonderful and nice as can be- I feel horrible.

Contemplating not charging them for the day. If a child goes home ill I do, but is this different? Since it could have been prevented by me? Sigh.

daycare 01:06 PM 09-26-2011
awwee big hugs to you. it stinks when a child gets hurt in our care.

I know you feel bad, however, i would not start offering free days when a child is hurt. You could be opening a can of worms that you don't want to open....

gald to hear the little guy is ok..
Mom_of_two 01:09 PM 09-26-2011
Thanks. I think you are probably right. Just feel bad DCD had to take a day. Inevitable sometimes, I guess...
KEG123 01:19 PM 09-26-2011
Poor little guy. Accidents happen. Maybe now you can invest in some rubber pads for the corners of the entertainment center?

I probably would not offer a free day. Like it was said, could open a can of worms for the future if something like this (knock on wood that it doesn't) happens again.
Heidi 01:31 PM 09-26-2011
I would not mention not charging. If the parent asks, you can always negotiate that.

In our state, we have to note any injuries in our medical log, AND fill out an incident report if the child needs medical attention (even minor medical attention). I don't know what your state requires, but don't forget to do whatever it is! :-) They like to put awful non-compliances on their website for forgetting stuff like that around here..."failure to report the death or injury of a child" yikes!
Christian Mother 01:53 PM 09-26-2011
Sorry this happened to you!! It really sucks when our little's get hurt on our watch. Just the other day I was at one of my dck's bday parties and the little guy had a really nasty cut on his knee. My husband asked how he got that and I looked at him and said not in my care. Also, I mentioned to a dcd (same little's parents) that I noticed he had a bump on his head and I am not sure this time around how he got it and I was really sorry and dcd laughed and said not to worry it happened the other night with mom. I was like wheewww. I notice everything but that one I didn't catch right way...very stressful morning that day...

I wouldn't offer a free day. Kids get hurt, we try our best to prevent that but it happens. If they ask I would negotiate maybe a hr rate and that be it. You still watched him the whole day before that happened.
Mom_of_two 05:57 PM 09-26-2011
Thanks, all.
They won't ask, and I am not going to offer. Policy I guess, even though it is a sucky situation.

I would fill out an incident report, but just found out that what I have (a small family home permit) is no longer gonna be in NE. Til now, if you watched 3 kids or less needed a permit, 4 or more a license. Now, 3 or less is going unregulated! Which means I am going to lose my food program money. Today has been horrible. I do not want to get licensed- it would cost thousands of dollars to hard wire a smoke alarm and put an egress window or other exit in my basement.
Hoping tomorrow is better...
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