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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Licensing Finally Came Through And I Start Work In A Week!
saved4always 02:28 PM 05-25-2012
I just wanted to share that the new center where I am going to be a lead teacher has finally gotten it's state liscense past week and I start work in a little over a week! I am so excited to get back to working outside my home.

As I shared a while ago, I closed my in home daycare a few months ago in order to work at this new daycare. This is an exciting time of change for me and I am a little nervous, too. The next big hurtle for the daycare is to get lots of kids signed up. We are ramping up advertising even more this week (thank you to all of you who have shared so many ideas on this site!!!!!!). So I am praying for lots of new sign ups for our new center. Any additional prayers would be greatly appreciated.
Michael 02:29 PM 05-25-2012
Blackcat31 03:01 PM 05-25-2012
Congratulations and I am sure this will be a wonderful new adventure for you!!
SunnyDay 03:11 PM 05-25-2012
Good luck with your new job!
Kiki 03:22 PM 05-25-2012
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