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blandino 09:22 PM 07-17-2013
Today I had a DCM who needed to use the bathroom when she came in. She started to bring 17 month old DCG in with her, and I had to stop her. She was okay with it, and really didn't say anything. I explained to her that it needs to be an off limits zone, so that the toddlers don't go in there and play in the toilet water, put toys in the toilet, it's dirty, etc. (IMHO, i wanted to say "they just have no business in there"). And once you let them in once, it's going to make it a challenge to keep them out.

FYI, the entrance to the bathroom is blocked by a pass-through that only child who are a little bit older are allowed to play in. So the younger toddlers aren't allowed into that hallway/pass-through at all.

So I was just wondering if anyone else does this ? Like I said, DCM was fine with it, but she isn't much of a disciplinarian - so I feel like I am always having to correct DCG in front of her - which is uncomfortable. Sometimes I think parents think my rules are over the top, not that I care or am going to change them .It just got me thinking.
coolconfidentme 03:52 AM 07-18-2013
I think I would do the same probably. My bathroom is off the kitchen & the kitchen is generally if off limits. Kids tell me they need to use the restroom & I say ok.
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