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Crazy8 07:51 AM 04-06-2016
Does anyone have any great links saved?? I would like to start using social media more to promote my daycare and I feel like my biggest competition are the daycare centers so would love some articles that show why home daycare is a better alternative. I've googled but haven't come up with much.
Ariana 09:29 AM 04-06-2016
I don't think there are any articles on why home daycares are a good choice but there are articles on why high quality daycares are a good choice. The main points for qualifying as a high quality daycare is:
-low staff turnover
-Low ratios
-higher wages for workers

These are three things that home daycares have so you could highlight that. Home daycares owners never quit and we make more money on average than someone working in a centre and we can give low ratios.

There is also a checklist on this website highlighting home daycares that you could use.
CityGarden 10:31 PM 04-06-2016
I will have to look for some articles..... and see what I can find.

This blog: list some advantages is a really direct and helpful way.

For ease of reading online I decided to cut and past the related content from the blog listed above.:

The Advantages of Home Daycare

An estimated 17% of infants and toddlers and 14% of preschoolers are cared for in home daycare or family childcare programs. For parents who are squeamish about placing their children in large childcare settings, smaller daycares can be a breath of fresh air as there are many benefits to this type of care. Here are some of the advantages:

Children Get Individualized Attention
The adult-child ratio in a home daycare is low, generally between 4 and 7 kids -- so it’s not hard for the childcare provider to give the children individualized attention they need to thrive. This is particularly important when providers are caring for infants, as they are demanding and require a lot of care. The smaller size of a family daycare program also makes it easier for the provider to cater to special care instructions for youngsters.

Kids Remain in a Stable Environment
Children who are enrolled in home daycare programs generally stay with the same provider until they transition to preschool. There is no employee turnover, so kids don’t have to adjust to different caregivers every few weeks. Having one provider gives youngsters a sense of stability and enables them to develop a genuine bond with the caregiver, as well as the other kids in her care.

Children are Cared for in a Homelike Atmosphere
With the exception of being cared for by relatives, family daycare is the next best thing to being at home. Unlike the large institutionalized feel of large childcare centers, the environment of a home daycare is warm and inviting to children and parents alike. The atmosphere is controlled and kids have access to all the comforts of home. The homelike environment of a family daycare minimizes behavior problems, and is a great option for kids who don't fare well in large environments.

Home Daycares Offer More Flexibility for Working Parents
Parents with erratic work schedules have a hard time finding large childcare centers that are willing to allow a little wiggle room with pick-up and drop-off times. In a home daycare, the decision to extend business hours is left up to the provider, so they are often more flexible and willing to compromise with parents who have fluctuating work schedules.

Children Get Sick Less Often in Family Daycare Programs
Daycare centers are breeding grounds for germs. The more kids enrolled in a program, the more germs there are. One advantage of a home daycare is that the smaller size reduces the number of illnesses spread to children. The providers of home daycare programs are better able to monitor kids’ hand-washing practices, which helps reduce the spread of germs. Typically, a home daycare provider is more meticulous about cleaning and sanitizing because the daycare business also serves as her family’s living space. When children are sick less often, parents don’t have to lose income or risk getting fired for missing too many days at work.

Consider these advantages and benefits when choosing a home daycare option.
CityGarden 10:40 PM 04-06-2016
Here are some others I found by doing a quick search:

sleepinghart 04:13 AM 04-07-2016
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