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NoahsMama 06:54 AM 04-07-2016
Hi all,
I've always babysat and have been interested in starting my own daycare out of my home. I was hoping to have it in our basement. We have a separate entrance, an egress window, a full bathroom, a kitchen, a separate sleep area and a large play/learning space. I have our yard separated so the children would have their own outdoor play space. I've taken care of children from newborn to age 12, including my own son who is almost 3.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice/tips for someone very new to starting up a daycare. We're in NY, not the city. I'd love to start this summer if possible! I'm just not too sure where to begin
kbeutiful 09:35 AM 04-07-2016

I live in new york as well in the tri state area and I'm currently in the application process, here's the link to get all the info, do the orientation and get the application booklet to start the process

I would suggest you get the application packet asap if you want to start by the summer, I received mines in feb and I'm almost done your going to have to get some training done before you can even hand in you application such as CPR & First Aid training, and a 15 hour health and saftey training, fingerprinting and medical. I called up my local OFCS and tried to get a pre site inspection of my home just to make sure my house can be used and the lady told me they dont do pre site inspections and that it can take up to 3 to 4 months before an inspector comes out to my home even after I hand in my application. I also want to use my basement as well, just want to know if my height requirements are good.
thrivingchildcarecom 10:08 AM 04-07-2016
Hey there! Well there are so many things I could tell you. If you send me a PM with your email so I can share what I think are the basics. Anyway, welcome to the tribe.
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