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kbeutiful 09:50 AM 04-07-2016

So I want to use my basement as my main daycare area, but during lunch I would bring the kids upstairs to eat, in the basement I have two entrance/ exit ways a bathroom and windows but I read some where that the height has to be 7ft or more I asked my husband to check and he said that it stops about 6ft 2inch, will i be able to use my basement as a daycare.

Does anyone use their basement as a daycare any advice?
Play Care 03:08 AM 04-08-2016
I'm in NY and the only thing I can think of is that you have to have two exits. I would call licensing and check with them.
On a side note, if you can use your basement, I would strongly consider putting in a kitchenette so then you don't have to go in your personal living space for any reason.
In time you will come to appreciate being able to "leave" work at the end of the day

Good Luck!
kbeutiful 10:03 AM 04-08-2016
thank you, I do have a refrigerator downstairs, I did have a stove but I sold it but I do have two exist ways and a full bathroom with a sink,shower,and toilet, i do plan to get another small sink down there though so I can have another option besides the sink in the bathroom.
rosieteddy 02:18 PM 04-08-2016
I used my basement exactly as you plan.I had a bathroom and 2 exits.The ceiling height was low.I did come upstairs to kitchen for eating and den for napping.I could have done everything down there but we all enjoyed the change of scenery.I especially liked at nap time I could clean up kitchen and eat my lunch upstairs.We would clean up then go out and stay upstairs for lunch.Rainy or to cold afternoons we would go back down after nap.
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