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little.angels 11:06 PM 01-31-2020
Hi Everyone, in November I lost two families (due to out of city and out of state moving) both with siblings and I have NOT been able to fill in the vacancies. With that said...I need to close for a week (for presidents day week). It is short notice but I need this week of closure to concentrate on advertising to fill n the vacant areas. It's been hard to meet payroll for my staff and also, production. Are there any recommendations on short notice holiday closure?
Josiegirl 03:18 AM 02-01-2020
Hmmm, I'm not sure I understand why you would need to close for a week to work on advertising?? Not that it's my business but I've always found word of mouth works best for advertising and closing for a whole week with that little of a notice says something, at least to me. I could see if it was an emergency or if it was only a day? Please help me understand your situation because clearly I'm not seeing something obvious. A lot depends on your contract, etc., too.
Anyways, JMO Good luck!
Cat Herder 04:44 AM 02-01-2020
Is your closing more about not having to pay employees? I also don't grasp closing short notice to work on advertising because logic would suggest doing so as concrete advertising that you may not be the most reliable. Please take that with the intent it was offered, I am on your side. Maybe it is time to consider downsizing staff instead?

I have not advertised in many years and it made no difference. Word of mouth and the state website is all I have ever needed. The way people search for childcare has changed so I changed with it. They simply go down the list until they find someone close, in their price range, who keeps a clean place up and who has openings.

That said, reliability is the number one reason people stay and pass on word of mouth referrals. That is the advertising that will make a difference.
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