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Sdcp16 07:40 AM 03-18-2021
I need help! I have several kids whose parents want to start potty training. A few have started at home. Some of these kids are part time. Some are full time. Not one of them says they have peed or pooped. Or that they need to. Infect a couple of them have barely any speech. I donít feel like most of them are ready. I guess Iím more of the opinion that if they canít tell they need to go, did go, canít verbalize to me in some way, that they need to go, that they arenít ready. Iíd love others input!!
Cat Herder 07:51 AM 03-18-2021
Potty training is a parental responsibility. I don't potty train kids, at all.

I do take them to the potty when they ask to go and allow them to wear cloth underwear only when they consistently stay dry for two full weeks in my care; naptime/playground, too.
Jo123ABC 09:31 PM 03-18-2021
I just do a schedule. I tell myself ALL the time "you can bring a horse to water but you can't make it drink". Drop off starts at 8:45. I take kids right after breakfast (around 9). Then at about 10:45 (when I start working on lunch) . Then at 12:45ish right before nap. Then right when they wake up. I just find it but I be less of a headache to do a schedule and I don't care if they need to go or don't go. I just have them try and try not to stress about it. They'll get it when they're ready. I don't allow undies until there's no accidents but if a parent pushes I will compromise by letting them wear undies under their diaper/pull up.
Sunshine69 10:56 AM 03-19-2021
I hear you, OP. People want their kids potty trained but they don’t even seem ready. They can’t pull their pants up or down and they don’t communicate when they need to go. The few times they do communicate a need to go, it’s when I’m changing an infant or in the middle of lunch prep.

For the ones parents claim are training, I do take them to the potty at certain times of day whether they indicate they have to go or not. Most of the time, their pull-ups are already soiled. I require them to stay in pull-ups until they go 2 weeks accident free.

I have one now that will be 4 this summer and still struggling. Some days child can go all day, except for nap, staying dry, and then the next day have to change the pull-up at every trip to the potty. Parents say the child doesn’t cooperate at home. Runs & hides and acts like it’s a joke when they ask him to use the potty. Two days in a row I have sent the child home early. The poop comes out of the top of the kid’s pull-up and creeps up his back. He sticks his hand on it and shows me. Today he was dropped off right at that 24-hour mark and within 20 minutes it happened again. Back home he went. Parent was concerned they would lose their job for leaving early. IDK what else to say, but the kid can’t be getting poop all over daycare and I can’t spend all day disinfecting. Lunch was served late today because I had to disinfect. My little ones were falling asleep and couldn’t finish their lunch before nap. It’s crazy.

The last time I updated my policy I added that ages 4 and up need to be able to potty independently. This family may be shocked this summer when the kid is 4. That’s if I can take it that long and don’t change my career path before then ��
Blackcat31 11:31 AM 03-19-2021
Originally Posted by Cat Herder:
Potty training is a parental responsibility. I don't potty train kids, at all.

I do take them to the potty when they ask to go and allow them to wear cloth underwear only when they consistently stay dry for two full weeks in my care; naptime/playground, too.
Same here.
I do not have time to bring kids to the bathroom multiple times a day to go or try
I just don’t. I’m group care.

I do have a handout I give parents when they mention starting to use potty. That way there are clear and open expectations.

Some kids transition super easy while others spend upwards of a year or more “training”.

I have a 3 yr old in diapers no where near interested or willing. Child is capable but parents are too busy to be consistent

I also have an 18 month old who has no idea how to follow a simple one sentence instruction/hasnt uttered a single word but parent claims they go on potty every morning.

I am over trying to meet these inconsistent parent behaviors, parent expectations and all the other junk that goes along with potty training.

Parents can choose whatever method they want and go with it. The child can let me know when they need to go when here.

If they go two-three weeks accident free, we discuss underwear.
Snowmom 04:42 PM 03-21-2021
Your best bet is to write up a formal policy.
Hand it out when families even mention potty training.
Have a clear list of what you expect from the child, the supplies you need (ex: thick pants, must wear socks, pull-ups, easy up down pants, no jeans, long flowing dresses or shirts) as well as the signs of readiness that you expect to see.

Also outline what your policy is to graduate to big kid training.
Ex: after two weeks accident free at home and daycare, a child may be ready to graduate to cloth underwear.
I also make sure baths are regular to avoid infections and the parents are teaching proper wiping.
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