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JoJo 04:03 PM 01-31-2011
I'm trying to budget for next year as I didn't do a very good job writing things down this past year (my first) during daycare.

What do most full time daycare spend in cleaning products and general supplies during a year?

Thanks for helping this disorganized Daycare out.
lvt77 04:28 PM 01-31-2011
Well this is what I do. Since it is hard to say how much I will spend on cleaning and so forth, I limit myself to $300.00 a month on supplies (not food). These can range from art supplies, cleaning supplies, curriculum, books and other misc fees. I never spend more than that and if I have money left over at the end of the month, I don't spend it.

Its hard to know how many times you are going to have to clean, example, today I had one spill of milk on my carpet, one vomit episode, one glitter spill and someone drew on my wall.... Very unusual day today as this is not the norm. So I will be buying more cleaning supplies and vac. bags for the month of Feb.

I buy everything on my credit card that I use for business purchases only. I never buy personal and business things together other than food...
I have a little rcpt. holder that I got from Staples, tthe kind that you see at restaurants. It looks like an ice pick on a stand. I punch all the rcpts. on it as soon as I get home. Then when the credit card statement comes I pay it off and then staple all the the statement, punch with 3 whole punch and file it in my 3 ring binder under the month with total spent...
I also us MMK
littlemissmuffet 04:38 PM 01-31-2011
I hope you are keeping all of your receipts!

Either way, I set aside a set amount of money each month to cover specific costs related to my DC...
Groceries $500
Cleaning Supplies $50 (Cleaning wipes, Lysol spray, dish soap, etc)
Hygeine $20 (soaps, hand sannies, kleenex, etc.)
Arts and Crafts $30
Feild Trips $50
Toys $30
Miscellaneous (i.e. need to replace ripped sleep mat, new bibs, etc.) $30

Any money left over is added to our "Emergency Fund".

Hope this helps.
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