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Sunchimes 03:51 PM 03-24-2020
I talked to my doctor today. Since I am 66 and have (controlled) HBP, he said I should close immediately or at the very latest, when we have our first local case. So, I told the family that tomorrow will be my last day until this is over. Dr said that since parents are still working, even if being careful, the kids could already have it, be asymptomatic, and shedding virus all over my house.

I don't know if she is going to pay me since I closed before we got a shelter in place order, but I don't think she will. And, I'm ok with that. If she had initiated it (and honestly, I think she expected me to keep them even after she started working at home, if that happens) she would have paid me, since she is getting paid. But, as it is, I don't require payment if I am not available. Since I initiated the closure, she doesn't have to. It would be great if she did, but since Johnnie died, I don't have a lot of expenses.

I have always been a stockpiler because with his health, I never knew when I could get to the store. I bought extra spagetti-os and mac and cheese this month, so if I run out of my food, I can always choke them down. ;-) I keep hearing people talk about how bored and lonely they are, but I am looking forward to it. I miss having Johnnie here to talk to, but before we married 41 years ago, I was my own best company. I think it may still prove to be true.

Thank you for the advice you gave me in my other thread. It helped clear my mind. I felt like I was abandoning the ship until you guys said it was the right thing.
bonsaibaby 04:36 PM 03-24-2020
I am also closed. I had given notice to retire in September but I guess it came earlier than I thought. all my parents are working from home and have already arranged alternate daycare starting April and July so I do not feel terrible about closing. I also am not charging just upping their leave dates.

And I also am a stockpiler thanks to my dear departed Mother-in -law who was Mormon and always had a 2 month supply of food and paper goods in her pantry. I loved that thought and so I started my own stockpile, which is probably a 4 month supply. Haven't had to leave the house in 2 weeks and probably won't until this is over.

If the internet goes down I am sunk but there is always board games and solitaire.

I will also miss this forum but will still be checking in to see what I am missing , bad and good.

Keep safe and keep well everyone. This too shall pass and will be our children's story to tell their grandchildren about the time they had to stay in the house for weeks or months because of a bug.
e.j. 05:16 PM 03-24-2020
For what it's worth, I think you both made the right decision. Stay well!
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