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Heidi 07:36 AM 02-13-2012
I have 3 toddlers prone to dramatics. So, I decided to try out "the crying spot". I think I need 2!

My playroom is rather small, so having a crying spot in there isn't very helpful to the rest of the group. The cryer is pretty much right there in your face (or in this case, ears).

If I have to leave the room, I also have to put up a gate, or else everyone follows me, bringing toys with them and trashing my livingroom nearby.

I put the crying spot outside of the playroom, and, my toddlers LOVE the crying spot so much (a bench with a couple stuffed animals to hug), they PURPOSELY start crying so that they can go there...

I need a bigger playroom!

I put a bench in the livingroom
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