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Daycare and Taxes>Time/Space % when an addition is added in the middle of the year
Unregistered 01:12 PM 08-27-2014
How do you calculate the time/space % when you put an addition on, which is exclusively used for the daycare, during the year? Our home was 1800 sq feet and we used all 1800 sq feet for the daycare, thus 100% for the first 10.5 months of the year. Then, in November, we added 600 sq feet for the daycare at 100% usage, making our home 2,400 square feet, but no longer use all of the house for the daycare...our regular use percentage dropped to 1000/2400 or 41.67% after November 25. Any suggestions for figuring out the time/space percentage would be greatly appreciated.

One last husband built the addition by himself. Can his hours of construction be added to the total daycare hours?