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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Are there Fees For Daycare Inspection in New Jersey?
Jonathan 05:03 PM 11-23-2009
I am an MBA student working on a project for my class. We are making a business plan for a day care center in NJ. I have spoken with a person who presently runs a day care center and was told that there were no fees to be paid to the state for an inspection of the site. Others in my group disagree. We did read something about air quality testing requirements but those are listed for day cares that fall under the industrial site recovery act rules. I am writing to ask again if there are there any fees associated with the state inspection of a day care center in NJ?
GretasLittleFriends 09:43 PM 11-23-2009
I'm not sure about New Jersey, but when I got my daycare license in Minnesota I did not have to pay the county (the grantors of my daycare license) to have my place inspected.

I did have to pay for background checks for everyone in my house over the age of 13yrs old (myself, husband and daughter). That went to the county, but it was a criminal background check not a site inspection.

Since we live in a rural area and have well water I also had to have our well tested for bacteria. I had to pay for this as well. It also went to the state, but was a different division, not licensing.

It didn't apply to me, but there was also a clause in the licensing information that said a state fire marshall inspection may be required (I forget why), but that too would have had a fee, but again, not to the county as part of their inspection.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that technically there are fees associated with licensing, though they may not be paid directly to the license division. Without the background checks and the water testing I could not have gotten my license. So, without paying those fees, I could not have gotten my license. I assume the air quality testing is a similar situation... required, costs a fee, but not technically a licensing fee.
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