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Unregistered 08:00 AM 01-17-2010
Hi everyone,
I am currently going through the state of Texas to become licensed. I need a few more credits before I can open a center, so I am going to first operate out of my home.

I have found my niche to be the 2/3-5 year old range. I love my babies, but like being able to have more of a ratio in my home of older children.

My question is this: What do you call your "place"? A daycare? A pre-school? A child development center? I am offering a curriculum, so I want what I place after my name, "XYZ" to reflect that it's not a place where I plop the kids in front of a tv, but there is learning involved, that prepares them for kindergarten.

I haven't been assigned a licensing rep yet, and they are so over-staffed, I don't know if I want to ask such a trivial question to them. So, what do you call your "place"? I really like the sound of "Development Center", but was wondering if there are any laws that regulate what you call your place?

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